Enhancing Facial Shape by Using Blush

To achieve the best look while applying any kind of makeup and looking Clear Complexion Tips, it is always a good idea to consider the shape of your face. This is especially true when it comes to applying blush. Whether we are talking about a long, round, square, or oval shaped face, there are a few tips that can help you enhance the shape of your face simply by using blush. 

Enhancing Facial Shape: Narrow 

For those with a long, narrow shaped face, the goal will be to create the illusion of width. To do this, first apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, then extend the color outward toward the ears. For some added width, you may also apply a very thin layer of blush across the middle of your forehead and along the line of your chin. 

Enhancing Facial Shape: Round 

The goal for those with a round face is two fold. Aim for the illusion of a thinner face, while at the same time avoid highlighting the rounded sections of the cheeks. To do this, start by applying the blush slightly above the apples of your cheeks, and blend just a short distance in the direction of the nose. To complete the look, add just a bit of color under your cheekbone following the jawline. 
Enhancing Facial Shape: Square 

When it comes to a square shaped face, the hope is to soften the angle of the cheeks. To do this, first apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, then blend straight out toward the temples. If you also wish to soften the angle of the jawline, you can lightly apply some blush from the chin to just below the ears. 

Enhancing Facial Shape: Oval 

No special contouring is needed when it comes to those with an oval shaped face. Simply giving some color to the apples of your cheeks will add a healthy glow to your face. For a more pronounced glow, you can also add a small amount of blush to the bridge of your nose. 
It becomes much easier to apply blush correctly once you know a few tips geared toward the shape of your face. By applying these simple application tips, anyone can enhance the shape of their face with blush no matter which shape your face happens to be. 

Things to Know When Choosing a Nail Polish

Other than the obvious choice of color, there are a few things to consider when purchasing nail polish. Some types may offer conveniences like being no chip or quick drying, while others may work to improve the nails themselves, such as a strengthening nail polish. With so many choices available in stores today, sometimes a trip to the nail polish aisle can become a daunting task. Luckily, it gets easier once you know what to expect.  

Nail Polish Claim: No Chip 

One of the most common features available in a nail polish today, is the promise that it won't chip. Though some brands do chip less than others, it may be misleading to claim that any nail polish won't chip. Regardless of what the bottle promises, all brands will chip as time goes by. For the best results, you may wish to invest in an anti-chip top coat for added protection. 

Nail Polish Claim: Quick Drying 

Many nail polishes claim to be quick drying. Though it can be very convenient when you are in a hurry, it's important to note that these nail polishes will only leave your nails dry to the touch. A fast drying nail polish will not fully harden until more time has passed. Quick drying nail polishes also tend to chip faster, which might make them less appealing in the long run. 

Nail Polish Claim: Strengthening 
By having a built-in base, color, and top coat, strengthening nail polishes work to prevent nail breakage. Since the color range for strengthening nail polish tends to be rather limited, a clear nail hardener may be used as a base coat for any color that would otherwise be unavailable as a strengthener. Clear nail hardener can also be used as a stand-alone product to strengthen weak nails. 
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After you have learned some of the benefits and drawbacks from the various kinds of nail polishes, it becomes that much easier to decide which type of nail polish is best for your needs. All that is left is to find a brand with the features you want and the colors you desire. 

Three Reasons You Should Be Using a Base Coat Nail Polish

Base coats are an often forgotten part of many peoples manicures and pedicures. For some, applying a base coat seems like an unnecessary waste of time, while for others it's a practice that they've never put much thought into one may or the other. No matter what your reason, if you haven't been applying a base coat under your regular nail polish, you should definitely start doing so. Here are three reasons for why you should always spend the extra time needed to apply a base coat nail polish. 

1. Base coat nail polish prevents regular nail polish from chipping. 

Regular nail polish is prone to chipping because it doesn't often form a consistent bond with your nails. By first applying a base coat, however, you can help stop chipping in its tracks. A thin layer of base coat will actually help your regular polish stick to your nails, which as you've probably guessed, will lead to less chipping, ultimately prolonging the lifetime of your manicure or pedicure. 

2. Base coat nail polish keeps your nails healthy and strong

Many base coat nail polishes include ingredients that can help improve the health of your nails. When choosing a bottle of base coat nail polish, look to buy one that is rich in vitamins (like vitamin E) and minerals (like calcium). Polishes containing proteins can also help to boost the strength and elasticity of your nails. By applying a base coat with the right ingredients, you can help keep your nails healthy and strong. 

3. Base coat nail polish prevents colored polishes from discoloring your nails. 

Though most colored polishes won't discolor your nails, the unfortunate fact is that some will. Darker polishes seem to be the worst in this respect, but any color can lead to unsightly nail discoloration. To ensure that your nails will still look their best when it's time for the polish to come off, always apply a thin base coat before painting your nails with a colored polish. 

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There are many reasons to use a base coat nail polish before painting your nails. Not only will it help prevent your regular nail polish from chipping, but it can also help keep your nails healthy and strong, while preventing colored polishes from discoloring your nails. Be sure to keep these three reasons in mind when its time for your next manicure or pedicure. 

Top 5 Teas That Help You Lose Weight

People, especially women, are crazy about losing weight by all means. They put their body through tough diets and spend hundreds on bogus miracle products, without realizing that there is a much simple and healthy option for losing weight - drinking tea.
Although not every tea type will help you lose weight, there are some types that can drastically help. 

Here are the top 5 tea types that will go to work on your body and help you achieve good results regarding weight loss.

Green Tea Green tea is recognized as the absolute best weight loss beverage. This tea is rich in antioxidants and catechins, which help the liver to better process fat cells and decrease the levels of stored body fats. Together with caffeine, these substances also work to suppress your appetite and make you feel full longer.

Oolong Tea This type of beverage is filled with potent antioxidants that will help boost your metabolism, which means this tea also helps the body burn fat cells more quickly and effectively. Also, in this type of beverage, there is caffeine, which is known to speed your metabolism to help you reach your desired weight loss goal much quicker. Oolong tea will also stabilize blood sugar levels, which means craving fewer sweets and feel more balanced and satisfied.

Yerbe Mate This is a herbal tea specific to South America and it contains some particles that are said to stimulate substances in your body, which leads to faster burning of fats and calories. This tea also suppresses your appetite, as it slows the digestion process. Yerbe Mate also acts as a stimulant, so you are recommended to drink it only during the day or it might interrupt your sleep.

China Black Tea Also known by the name of Pu-Erh, this type of tea is a delicacy in China. This herb is naturally fermented and the more it is aged, the better it tastes. China Black tea contains special enzymes that have been proven to decompose fat cells effectively.

White Tea This type of tea slows the body's ability to retain fats from the food you consume. Drinking White tea helps burn existing fat as well as prevent the storage of new fat, reducing the body's overall weight.

You can enjoy any of these tea types exactly as you wish, but you might consider drinking it in such manner that it does not lose its natural flavor. You can add sugar, cream or honey to your cup, or opt for the natural way, without any additives.
Keeping the healthy Properties of these Tea Types
Of course, if your goal is to lose weight drinking tea, you should consume it with as few additives as possible for the best results. In its natural form, tea does not contain any calories, so this is definitely the best way to drink it for your weight loss plan.
You can drink these teas every day without dread, as they taste very good. These teas are a wonderful option for losing weight and are much healthier in comparison to other methods of losing weight.

Beauty Foods

What To Eat Daily For Looks And Health

Apple Cider Vinegar

Besides having amazing healing properties, apple cider vinegar keeps skin flexible. It's heavy concentration of enzymes helps peel off dead skin cells. It breaks down fat and helps food digest well.


Maintain the outer layer of the skin to put off premature aging. What you'll come across in is the same as you'll get in Retin A.


To make sure a happy smile, add a slice or two of hard cheese into your diet. Prefer Swiss, cheddar, or Gouda to block bacteria in the mouth and put off cavities.

Citrus Fruits
Hold the skin cells jointly by forming collagen. Collagen cannot be added to the skin topically, which is why fruits and fruit juices are such an essential 
part of the each day diet.


Always keep urinary tract lining healthy.


Helps combat wrinkles and renovates tissue.

Five Super Fruits For Heallthy Living

Nonfat Yogurt

High in calcium, this keeps your smile white and your teeth cavity-free.

Sweet Potatoes - Vitamin A is known to be a notable anti-wrinkling agent. Sweet potatoes are full of this essential vitamin. The pleasing results are clearer, smoother skin.


These "love apples" will keep you loving your skin. Generally, Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

Wheat Germ

If you wish for to get rid of pimples fast and efficiently, make sure to include two or three tablespoons a day in your diet. Add the wheat germ to yogurt, cereal, and cottage cheese.

You must choose foods that you enjoy, of course, but you require to include the following:


Take three to five servings on a daily basis. Try to include one serving of raw, leafy greens.


Don have not more than, three ounce servings a day. Cut off all fat. Try to put together two servings of turkey or chicken. One serving of fish a day is good.


Eat it two to three servings each day. A 1/2 cup of chopped or sliced fruit is a serving. Fruit salad


Eat it at least two servings daily. A serving would be eight ounces of milk or yogurt.


Salad dressing, cooking oil, butter, and mayonnaise must be limited to two servings a daytime.

Beauty Tips-Face Mask Tips

1. TOMATO MASK: For oily skin, mash up a ripe tomato and wait on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with hot (not so hot) water.
2. BANANA MASH: Mash up a very ripe banana. Add honey, as much required to make a soft pulp. Apply on your face and hair. This is such a great firming mask that aging movie stars have been identified to put it in the cups of their bras to make their breasts "perky." (Just check that you don't use too much honey and you use a sturdy bra.)  

3. HONEY MASK: Apply uncontaminated honey (straight from the bottle) to your face and your neckline. Allow it to locate until dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse with very temperate hot water.
  4. APPLE MASK: Peel two apples and make a paste with adding one table spoon of honey now apply it on the face and Wash it with cold water after 20 minutes.  

5. SCRUB FOR OILY SKIN: This scrub help you to get rid of your dirt and the superficial dead skin. This scrub should be used more than once in a week. Never try this scrub on dry skin. Take two teaspoon of fine bran with a quarter of dried yeast and one teaspoon of lemon juice along with a table spoon of water. Gently massage the thick paste so formed in the skin, especially on and around the nose and chin area. Don't apply around the eyes. Wash it after 1-2 minutes using warm water.
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1. Make a mixture of mehndi and oil and apply it on the face.

2. Make a paste of 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and glycerin and apply it on the spots.

3. Make a mixture of turmeric and curry leaves and apply on the face and wash it after 15 minutes.

4. Grind dried basil leaf, neem and mint (100 gm each). Add some turmeric powder and rose water to make it a paste and apply it on the spots.
5. Grind betel leaf and add a little coconut oil and apply it on the spots.

6.Soak a chapatti in milk overnight. Make it into a paste, apply it on black head. and continue it for several days.

7. Make a paste of saffron and add some honey now apply it on the face to remove your black spots.

8. For removing black spots, apply a paste of turmeric and basil.

9. To remove wrinkles on the face, apply a mixture of sandalwood powder, rosewater and glycerin. After some time Wash it with cold water.

Tips For Healthy Skin

Get started with these five no-nonsense tips. 

1.Protect yourself from the sun

The Most Important thing is protects your self from sun. If you spend more time it causes wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems

  • Use Sunscreen Lotions
  • Seek Shade
  • Wear Protective Clothes 

2.Don't smoke

If you smoke that makes the skin looks older.The beauty of skin is based on blood flow also,if you smoke it decrease blood flow.

3.Treat your skin gently

  • Limit bath time
  • Avoid strong soaps
  • Shave carefully
  • Pat dry
  • Moisturize dry skin   

4.Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is also important thing you look and feel good.Eat more vegetables and fruits and lean proteins.

5. Manage stress

The last but not the least tip is avoid your stress.The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

Health And Beauty