Eat to Lose Weight

Fad diets rarely work. In the end, these diets fail because they are too restrictive to maintain. Instead of starving yourself, the trick to losing weight is to eat more often. By consuming the same amount of calories, but spreading them out over six small meals eaten every three hours, you can lose weight and keep it off. This revolutionary new diet lets you eat the foods that you love without feeling guilty.

Many dieters skip meals thinking that the calories they save will help them lose weight. Unfortunately, starving yourself actually slows your metabolism and encourages your body to store fat. The logic behind eating to lose weight is simple: by eating, you raise your metabolism and give your body the fuel it needs to burn calories. By eating smaller meals every few hours, you will keep your metabolism high and burn more calories than you would with only three meals a day.

It's time to begin a diet that won't leave you hungry and craving junk food. Instead, by eating portioned meals every few hours, you will have day-long energy and never feel hungry. If you add moderate exercise and eliminate junk food from your diet, you can shed those extra pounds even quicker. If you have ever failed a diet, you owe it to yourself to start eating to lose weight

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