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Is Permanent Eyeliner Right For You?

Do you love the look of eyeliner, but can't seem to ever apply it just right? You aren't the only one. In fact, many women have trouble steadying their hand enough to properly apply eyeliner, liquid or otherwise, no matter how many times they practice. If this is the case for you, it might be time to consider a permanent eyeliner instead.

Permanent eyeliner is one of the more popular types of cosmetic tattoos available today. The tattoo artist works by injecting the pigments between each eyelash and then builds upon this line to the width of your choosing. Various colors, widths, and styles are available, providing the subtlety or impact you desire.

Though it certainly ends the frustrations of by hand application, the real beauty of permanent eyeliner is that it won't run or smudge as you go about your day. No matter what activity you happen to be doing, be it showering, swimming, or running outside in the rain, your permanent eyeliner will still come out of it looking perfect.

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So, if you've been wanting perfectly lined eyes, but haven't got the steady hand to evenly apply your eyeliner, why not consider having it permanently applied by a professional cosmetic tattoo artist? It's a simple and relatively quick procedure that might end up being one of the best makeup decisions you ever make.

How to Apply Liquid Eye Liner

Whether you are going to the office or preparing for a date, eyeliner is the universal tool women use to give themselves noticeably dramatic eyes. Given eyeliner's popularity among women, many brands now offer a large variety that are specifically designed to suit each person's personal needs and eye type. Still, many women choose to stay with their traditional pencil eyeliner because they're too intimidated to switch to the more challenging liquid variety. It is true that liquid liner is more difficult to apply, but by practicing these few simple techniques you too can give yourself more dramatic eyes.

Before you even look at your liquid eyeliner, apply the eyeshadow that you normally wear. This will help prevent the eyeliner from creasing or smudging with your makeup and hindering your new look. It is also recommended for those new to applying a liquid eyeliner, to keep cotton pads and a good makeup remover available to correct any mistakes. When you are ready to apply the liner, be sure to shake the tube and steady your hand. Some women use a hard surface like a bathroom counter to steady their hand while they apply the liner. With practice, you too will find a method that works best for you.

Unlike the pencil variety, darker liquid liners should only be applied to the upper lash-line. Darker shades create a more defined line that is too bold for the lower eyelid. Women that still want to give their lower lash-line more definition can use either a pencil or apply a very light shade of gold, silver or white with a liquid liner.

To properly apply eyeliner without smudging, you need a steady hand and a lot of practice. Start by pointing the tip of the brush as close to the upper lash-line as possible and in one smooth motion, draw a line that follows the natural curve of your eyelid. Some people like starting from the center of their lash-line and working out, while others feel confident enough to make a smooth line in one single motion. If you are still having difficulty making a smooth line, a quick trick some women use is to make a series of shorter lines that connect together. As you are learning to use a liquid liner, try a number of different methods and see what works best for you.

If you prefer a thicker line, gradually build upon your first while being careful to ensure that your hand remains steady and that your line is the same thickness throughout. Women with small eyes can use a dark shade of liner that thickens at the outer edge for the illusion of a more intense and larger eye. Deep set eyes can be controlled by using a pale shade that shimmers on the upper eyelid, while lining the outer edge of the lower lash-line with a soft neutral color such as gray or taupe.

When choosing between a pencil and liquid eyeliner, consider what statement you want to make. Liquid eyeliners are beneficial if you are looking for a long lasting liner that will enhance or change the shape of your eyes. Liquid liners also work well to emphasize the lash-line and fill in sparse lashes. Pencil eyeliners are more suited to natural looks that require blending with eye shadow. Instead of the softer, classic look of pencil eyeliners, a liquid liner offers a more sophisticated and dramatic effect. With these simple steps and a little practice, applying a liquid liner doesn't need to be intimidating any longer.